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November 2019
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Our Mission

Our mission is to create curiosity, imagination, creativity, and real life experiences for children through dramatic play.

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration is our kids! We strive to create a fun and imaginative play area for our young innovators to explore and develop many traits including emotional intelligence, creativity, and skills that inspire them to think outside the box.

Our Location

Our play facility is targeted to children ten and under with lots of hands on activities. We have focused on creating an environment for kids that include crafts or activity of the day, playing freely in our miniature grocery market, fire house, doctor's office, house, barn, mechanic station, puppet theater, camp site, and many others.


Open Play

We offer Open Play from Monday-Friday 9:30am - 6pm. Weekend Open Play hours are scheduled around Birthday Parties.  Check our Facebook page for upcoming weekend hours.  No reservation is needed, walk-ins Only. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers are welcome to bring their little ones in for an imaginative day! There is no time limitation on your visit. You may choose to play for one hour or five hours at the same rate of $12 a day per child. At the end of your visit, your child may select a snack from our snack bar free of charge.

Birthday Parties

We offer a variety of services to make your child's day extra special. You may select one of our birthday packages that start from $375 and up. We offer additional add-ons such as balloons, cake, cupcakes, party favors, invitation cards, birthday posters, decorations, food, professional photography, and many more. Call us to find out more about our Birthday Packages and how we can make your child's birthday memorable!

Class Parties, Graduations, Baby Shower, Fundraiser Events, and many others

We provide an imaginative venue to our local preschools and schools to celebrate their year-end party or even graduation from preschool or kindergarten! Not only do we celebrate events catered to kids, but we also celebrate Events for Adults! While the kids enjoy playing at our imaginative play structures, parents celebrate their special event! Contact us for more information!

Small World BIG Imagination Special Events

Throughout the year we hold special events such as Halloween Party, Christmas Party, New Years Countdown, Summer Activities, Firefighter Day and many others to bring out the fun for every holiday! Stay tuned for our next event!


We love this place! It keeps my 2 year old entertained for hours!! The space is clean and educational. The staff is friendly and engaging too. My daughter brings home a new piece of artwork every time we visit.
Tina Wilkins

Incredible place! Lets kids use their own vision for play and explore what they want in whatever order they want to explore it. Each area gives them a different adventure to explore and a different story to write in their own minds!

Murad Hemani

I brought my 7 yr old and 5 yr old this weekend to play after their haircut! It was SO much fun!!! They played for 2 hours straight and never asked for a break or to go home! Which to me, means SUCCESS!! We stayed until closing time and they begged not to leave! We will definitely be back and most likely with friends! 🙂 Their options for imaginative play is limitless!

Sarah White