Open Play

Why Encourage Play?

  • Play molds the child to become a free thinker and to have the courage to take on roles that are more challenging.
  • Play gives a child the “Magical Thinking” to understand by relating actions and events that are beyond reason and observation.
  • Play teaches a child how to connect and interrelate with the world.
  • Play sets a strong foundation in their physical, social, emotional, and academic aspects.
  • Play is a child’s work.

Let children play and explore the Small World BIG Imagination.

We believe…

children learn from experiences. They learn from what they see, touch, hear, smell, and taste around them. Pretend play helps them grasp these experiences and helps them to understand the world.

We believe…

imaginative play helps nurture emotional intelligence (EQ) by allowing children to develop self-awareness, empathy, self-management, motivation and social skills. Emotional intelligence (EQ) helps an individual become aware of their emotions and recognize how it affects people around them.

We believe…

role playing helps children conquer their fears. Being able to act out their fears empowers them to overcome it.

We believe…

unstructured play helps a child build necessary life skills such as problem solving, leadership, creative thinking, planning and organizing, language, emotional development, social skills, cognitive skills, and fine motor skills.

We believe…

Pretend play allows children to be anyone they want to be. Its an opportunity for them to relate with the adult world using their own interpretation.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.”

-Carl Sagan